Board Ordinances, Resolutions, & Policies

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Board Ordinances, Resolutions, & PoliciesDate of Approval by the Board of Trustees
Intergovernmental Agreement Regarding the Creation of a Storywalk between Six Mile Regional Library District and the Granite City Park District10/12/2021
Annual Abatement Ordinance 2021-0029/14/2021
Youth Volunteer Policy9/14/2021
Combined Budget and Appropriations Ordinance 2021-0018/10/2021
Circulation Policy8/10/2021
Harassment Policy6/8/2021
Materials Selection Policy6/8/2021
Supplemental Levy Ordinance 2020-00411/10/2020
Levy Ordinance 2020-00311/10/2020
Annual Abatement Ordinance 2020-00210/13/2020
Combined Budget & Appropriations Ordinance 2020-0019/8/2020
Intergovernmental Agreement for Services of the Six Mile Regional Library District with Granite City School District #97/21/2020
Relationships with Financial Institutions7/14/2020
Resolution Helen Mance7/14/2020
Fiscal Accountability and Investment of Public Funds Policy 20206/9/2020
Helen's Trust Endowment Policy 20206/9/2020
SMRLD Rules to Maintain Safe Behavioral Practices5/12/2020
Capitalization Policy11/12/2019
Supplemental Levy Ordinance 2019-00311/12/2019
Levy Ordinance 2019-00211/12/2019
Annual Abatement Ordinance 2019-00510/8/2019
Combined Budget and Appropriation Ordinance 2019-009/10/2019
IMRF Section 125 Plan Resolution 2018-0036/12/2018
Determination of Prevailing Wage Rates Ordinance 2018-002 - The most current prevailing rate of wages being available at
Extended Medical Leave Policy3/13/2018
Resolution 2018-001 Adopting the Amended Harassment Policy, a Policy Prohibiting Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation1/8/2018
Alcohol Policy10/17/2017
Bylaws of the Board of Trustees6/13/2017
Community Bulletin Board Policy2/14/2017
Travel Reimbursement Resolution 2017-01: A resolution to Comply with the Government Travel Expense Control Act (50 ILCS 150)1/10/2017
Photography and Filming Policy and Photography and Filming Application7/12/2016
Library Behavior Policy5/10/2016
Resolution Honoring Mary Jo Akeman5/10/2016
Resolution Honoring Gregg McGee3/8/2016
Illinois Funds E-Pay Agreement Resolution3/8/2016
Third Party Custodian Agreement (Regions Collateralized Municipal Deposits)Resolution3/8/2016
Internet Access Policy3/10/2015
Meeting Room Use Policy and (Room Use Application)9/9/2014
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy11/12/2013
Firearms Policy6/11/2013
Inducement Resolution for Redevelopment of Certain Property in Downtown Granite City...12/11/2012
OMA Rules For Electronic Attendance5/6/2012
Disposal and Disposition of Six Mile Regional Library District Property with a Unit Value of $1,000 or Less4/12/2011
Circulation Policy8/10/2021


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