100 Years of Granite City High School Yearbooks Available Online

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100 years of Granite City High School yearbooks are now available free to the public, online, courtesy of the Six Mile Regional Library District (SMRLD).  From the first yearbook in 1910 to the 2010 yearbook, with a few exceptions, those who attended high schools in Granite City can now find their yearbooks online at history.smrld.org/yearbooks.  Hard copies of most yearbooks are available for in-house use at the downtown library, located at 2001 Delmar Avenue.

In 1910, the population of Granite City was 9,903 and 20 students had their senior class pictures in the Blue and Gold G. C. H. S. 1910 yearbook, which includes the following inscription. “The class of nineteen hundred and ten present herewith the first annual year book of the Granite City High School.  The purpose of this volume is to record the progress of our High School, and to reflect its life and happenings.  The year has been a worthy addition to the Granite City High School; it marks a new epoch of growth, in outward influence, in inner strength and unity, and above all in loyalty to Granite City.

From 1911 through 1913, the yearbooks were titled The Sphinx.  In 1914, the name changed to the Granois, “when this year’s class decided to publish an Annual one of the many obstacles met with was the selection of a suitable name for the book.  It was the intention of the class to adopt a name that would be a little out of the ordinary.  A name that could be remembered because of its oddity.  A name that would possibly be accepted by future Annual-publishing classes as good enough for their book.  Perhaps an explanation of the name would not be out of the way.  “Granois” is a compound of the two words Granite and Illinois.  The accent is on the last syllable.  The pronunciation is ‘Gran-oy’.”  And so, Granois it remained, in one form or another, through the 1930 yearbook.  By 1954, the yearbook was titled Warrior, which it has remained through today.

In the fall of 1973, a second high school opened and we then had Granite City High School North and Granite City High School South.  The yearbooks from “North” high school were titled Ingot, while the yearbooks from “South” remained Warrior (except for 1980 Granite City High South and 1981 Granite City High School South).  There are a total of 3,262 senior photos from North High School during its ten-year lifespan in these yearbooks.  All ten graduating classes’ yearbooks can be found at the website, history.smrld.org/yearbooks.

Over the years, Six Mile Regional Library District has collected the yearbooks of the Granite City High Schools, with only a few years missing.  Physical yearbooks missing from the library’s collection include 1912, 1921-1924, 1926, 2005, 2006, and 2010.  If you or someone you know has a copy of any missing yearbook, please consider donating it (or lending it for digitizing) to the Library.

As far as we can tell, yearbooks were not published from 1931 to 1953; if you have a yearbook for one of these years, we’d really like to see it.  To assist those who graduated during the missing years, SMRLD has borrowed from the Granite City High School’s Media Librarian, Paul Macios, the Granite High World student newspapers from the school years 1937/38 through 1955/56 for digitizing.  These will be added to the website as soon as they are available.


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